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Arnzen Hauling
Lewiston,  Idaho  208-503-2102  

We haul anything under 14000 pounds on our 25ft gooseneck. Insured for 100k in cargo.

Tuesday  03.01.2016
Clydesdale Veteran Express Trucking LLC
Clearwater,  Florida  727 309 6624  

We operate a Dodge Ram 4500 , and a 35 ft. flatbed trailer. 17000 lb. payload.
We haul any freight, cars or trucks up to 17000 lbs..

We are two veterans serving the trucking industry.

We are fully insured and professional. twic card,running all states.

Mike or Ryan 727 309 6624 . Call for fair honest quotes.

Tuesday  03.01.2016
Wright Taylor Logistics, Inc.
Edmond,  Oklahoma  405-757-0323  

We are a veteran owned company with a 2015 Ram 5500 and 40' gooseneck with air ride and ramps.
We are dedicated to getting the load picked up on time and delivered before it's due.

We strive on communication both with the shipper, broker and consignee.

We have passed all DOT inspections and will continue to do so.

 wrighttaylorlogistics.comTuesday  03.01.2016
TFS Transportation and Logistics USA, Inc
Laredo,  Texas  956-717-9672  

We are a trucking company with our main focus in providing excellent service to meet our customers’ needs, providing constant status of their shipment and open communication from Pick UP to Delivery of Product.

We are located in Laredo, Texas and we are looking for lanes from Texas to any state in the U.S.

Contact: Roger De la Garza

Tuesday  03.01.2016
Left Lane Logistics
Cincinnati,  Ohio  877-331-4416  

I specialize in LTL shipments and have trucks ready to roll in the lower 48, freight doesn't sleep so I am available 24/7 365.
Call for a quote!

Monday  02.29.2016
Same Day Guaranteed Deliveries
Jessup,  Maryland  3017411428  

Same Day Guaranteed Deliveries Corporation is a small minority owned trucking company and warehouse 3PL provider.
We provide support for LTL and TL freight on the East Coast.

Currently we have warehouse space in Jessup MD that can be used for long and short-term storage, or could be used as a HUD, Distribution Center etc

We're proudly serving IAD, DCA, BWI, RIC, MDT, ORF, PHL airports.

We need dedicated lanes for tractors and straight trucks and are looking for Shippers, Retailers, Distributors, Importers and Exporters for warehousing

 www.sdgdfreight.comFriday  02.26.2016
Engle Enterprises LLC
Pangburn,  Arkansas  501-278-6788  

Hotshot Service Provider- Based In Arkansas- We travel all lanes- Million Dollar Liability- One Hundred Thousand Cargo- Forty Foot Flatbed- Fifteen Thousand Max Payload.

Call for FREE Quote- Lee. 501-278-6788

Friday  02.26.2016
LTR Hotshot Service
Mounds,  Oklahoma  918-639-7628  

I am a New Startup Owner/Operator In NorthEast Oklahoma looking for some loads to the surrounding states.
I drive a 1 ton with a 30 foot Goosneck.

Thursday  02.25.2016
Harley Max Transport, LLC
Cerritos,  California  562-865-8118  

We are a hungry start up family owned courier service, and are looking for box truck and courier van loads from the Los Angeles area to anywhere in CA,NV,& AZ.
We thank you in advance for your business.

 www.harleymaxtransport.comThursday  02.25.2016
Power Wheels Express
Dayton  Texas  (832)335-2394  

I am a small trucking company located in Dayton Tx in search of runs in Texas for now.
I have a 2012 Chevy 3500 with a 16ft.low boy trailer.

Thursday  02.25.2016
Outlaw Transport
Boring,  Oregon  503.351.8206  

We have a 24 foot dual tandem axle flat deck trailer with a 24,000 pound capacity, also a 4 horse trailer, and a enclosed 28 foot car hauler. So we can cover whatever your hauling needs are.
We are fully licensed, Bonded and insured with cargo insurance of $1,000,000.00. 31 years as a commercial heavy haul operator. your load is safe with us. please email or call for your quote today.

Wednesday  02.24.2016
Grissom Hauling, LLC
Mt. Mourne  North Carolina  704-400-8957  

Grissom Hauling operates with Dodge Ram 3500 Dually with a 40ft Gooseneck trailer with ramps.
We can carry 18,000 lbs, D.O.T. compliant, licensed and fully insured with own authority.

Call us for your hauling needs. Quick and dependable.

 GRISSOMHAULING.COMTuesday  02.23.2016
Sandy Neck Traders
Harwich,  Massachusetts  508.432.4195 x310  

Shipper hotshot deck

Stocking wholesale distributors and direct shippers of lumber and stone products nationwide

 www.sntraders.comMonday  02.22.2016
boneyard trucking
Kingman,  Arizona  928-299-6961  

We have tractor trailer and 1 ton trucks and goose neck trailers for your custom hauling needs. hotshot

Monday  02.22.2016
JoJo's Transport, LLC.
Coeburn,  Virginia  276/395-3449  

JoJo's is equipped with a 2015 RAM 3500 and a BIG TEX 22GN-HD 35+5' gooseneck with a 18,000 lbs capacity.
We can also pull 5th wheel or bumper pull trailers.

We are fully insured, USDOT legal, and run under our own authority.

At JoJo's Transport, LLC. we know our only true product is our service and we do service with pride!!

Monday  02.22.2016
Armor Transport LLC
Camp Verde,  Arizona  928-301-8971:  

We are a full service transport company. Fully licensed, bonded and insured for all 48 states.
We have 2 trailers, a 3 car hauler and a 40' flat bed low pro trailer good for 18000 lbs pulled by ford f-450.

We also do travel trailer relocating

Sunday  02.21.2016
Moore & Moore Transport LLC
Greenwood,  Louisiana  318-272-8225  

We run 3 dodge trucks. A 2500, 3500, and a 5500 flatbed.
We have 2 trailers and can haul up to 18,000 lbs.

We have CDL 4 drivers and will haul anywhere in the U.S.

We are available 24/7. Call for a quote.

Sunday  02.21.2016
Lundy's Land Development
Irvington,  Alabama  251-725-8801  

We operate with a 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually with a 2015 40ft Gooseneck trailer with ramps.
We can carry 15000 lbs, T.W.I.C. approved, D.O.T. compliant, licensed and fully insured with own authority.

Call us for your hauling needs. Quick and dependable.

Saturday  02.20.2016
Natural Star Inc.
Desoto,  Texas  972-919-0222  

We are a independent dispatching company located in the DFW area.

We will like to be your personal load planner.

Please call us for more information. We can work with carrier in all 50 states. (5% for the first 3 month, than 3% after)

Friday  02.19.2016
MRM Consulting Service
Houston,  Texas  713-944-4473  

MRM, has a Internation VN 2006 Diesel Truck w/lift.
We will travel from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas.

We can haul, hazard, dry goods, paints, paper tools etc

Wednesday  02.17.2016
Mikie's Hotshot Service
Hearne,  Texas  979-777-4982  

One ton Dodge flatbed -----Can haul up to 3,000 lbs. anywhere.
Located just north of Bryan-College Station Tx.

Wednesday  02.17.2016
K & T Transportation
Fort Worth,  Texas  214-757-9913  

2012 Dodge Ram 3500 with 32 ft trailer.
Haul anything except hazardous material.


20,000 pounds carrying capacity

We offer safe, fast, and reliable pick-ups and deliveries

Wednesday  02.17.2016
Eagle Wing Transit LLC
Michigan City,  Indiana  219-608-0616  

We are Chicago based operation serving all 48 states.
We operate a gooseneck with 25' of deck space and 12000# load capacity.

Fully insured, licensed and DOT compliant.

Wednesday  02.17.2016
Red's Trucking
Hayden,  Alabama  205-559-1239  

Haul loads up to 10,000 lbs. 28 ft. Trailer w/Dovetail with ramps.
Bonded & Insured. RELIABLE

Wednesday  02.17.2016
Hazard,  Kentucky  (606) 233-3068  

S&S trucking: 1 ton Chevrolet flat bed with all attachments with 25ft dovetail gooseneck trailer with ramps, 14000# capacity, looking to haul within 300 mile radius of Hazard, KY.

Tuesday  02.16.2016
Muehlebach Transport
Valley Farms,  Arizona  719-966-2172  

40' with ramps. DOT compliant. All required Ins. MC#. Gross 36K. hotshot

Tuesday  02.16.2016
MAZ Transportation Inc.
Marietta,  Georgia  339-674-8028  

I'm a hotshot carrier with 98 Chevy Astro Cargo Van.
Willing to go anywhere

Monday  02.15.2016
Murrays Transports & Tractor Servicess
Jacksonville,  Florida  904-509-8587  

I have a 2 car hauler Iam based in Jacksonville.
I also have a 30 ft flat bed trailer and I have a twic card.

Monday  02.15.2016
Eleven Westen Haulers Inc
Bakersfield,  California  661-808-9916  

48 state hot shot and logistics services, military, autos, oilfield equip.

Sunday  02.14.2016
Custom Metal Products
Wilmington,  North Carolina  910-343-3338  


We manufacture hollow metal doors and frames for commercial businesses.

We are looking to beef up our "pool truck" deliveries and are looking for companies to deliver our product on dedicated runs.

I would love to hear from anyone interested in being an addition to our call list for deliveries.

Thank you.
Bill Dries, Vice President of Operations

 www.custommetalproductsnc.comSaturday  02.13.2016
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