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Jeffries Transport Services
Phoenix,  Arizona  480 299-3106  

Transport cars nationwide with two enclosed trailers.

Friday  06.07.2013
JT's Hotshots, LLC
Jersey Shore,  Pennsylvania  570 660-9821  

JT's Hotshots, LLC is a new small business owned and operates near Williamsport, PA.
We are a 24 hour 7 days a week operation.

We operate with pick-up trucks and 40' gooseneck trailers that can haul loads up to 15,000 lbs.

You Call... We Haul!

 www.jtshotshots.comFriday  06.07.2013
Bear Creek Service LLC
Stanwood,  Michigan  231-823-8237  

We are a dispatch company that has three owner operators that we need loads for their 1 ton trucks to haul. RVs, Horse Trailers, Flat trailer, Boats, Special Trailers, Campers, etc. hotshot

Thursday  06.06.2013
Brothers Transportation
Houston,  Texas  832 984-0586  

Brothers Transportation is located in Houston Tx.
We have a 1 Ton Duramax with a 27ft gooseneck trailer.

We can haul up to 10,000lbs anywhere you would like.
We are fully insured on truck and trailer

Wednesday  06.05.2013
Live Oak,  Florida  386-688-2869  

One man, one pickup truck, and a 7x18 flatbed auto-hauler from Texas Trailers.
I can haul 1 car, or flatbed freight up to 4500 lbs. I can also pull your bumper hitch trailer or travel trailer up to 7000 lbs. name is Samuel Voiles, and I live in Live Oak, Florida. I'm a retired military man and small business owner of CarGOswift. I drove the big rigs for someone else over two years, but, I had no control. I couldn't get home enough, and for the hours away, the pay was peanuts. So, I decided to start hauling on my own. My driving record is clean, and safety has been drilled into me since I was a Private in Uncle Sam's Army. If you have an auto to haul, or flatbed freight up to 4500 lbs, give me a call. If you have a bumper hitch trailer or mobile home that you need to be somewhere else, give me a call.

I'm a one man operation, so I am easy to get a hold of - no phone tree! It is truly my pleasure to do business with you! USDOT#2410532 MC#829531.

 cargoswift.comWednesday  06.05.2013
A Delivery, L.L.C.
Wichita,  Kansas  316-253-0396  

F-250XLT 7.3 Diesel, 28 ft. flatbed, fully insured ( $250,000 cargo ) hotshot

Running from Kansas to Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Eastern Colorado.

In business for 3 years. References on request.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday  06.05.2013
Croker H.C LLC
Waterflow,  New Mexico  505 793-6578  

Marine operated hot shot company based out of the Four Corners region, we service not only this region but West Texas as well. hotshot

 www.crokerhc.comSunday  06.02.2013
Bar None Hotshotting Inc.
San Angelo,  Texas  (325) 234-9260  

Bar None Hotshotting Inc. is located in San Angelo Tx. we operate with 1 ton dually and 35 ft gooseneck flat bed.
We will haul anything from 1 pd to 20k anywhere in the state of Tx.

We are DOT compliant and very safety oriented and will always get your equipment delivered in a timely manner. We are fully insured, available for hire 24/7....

 barnonehotshotting.comFriday  05.31.2013
Leid Transport
Hephzibah,  Georgia  717 572-2690  

We are a new company just starting out and looking for loads to haul. hotshot

We have one F-350 with 30 ft gooseneck with dovetail and ramps.

Will go from Georgia and South Carolina to any state.
MC#, DOT#, Call for price.

Thursday  05.30.2013
Runaway Hotshot inc.
Williston,  North Dakota  701-609-1081  

24 hour 7 day per week operation. Equipment- 40 ft dovetail, 2011 Dodge 1 ton. hotshot

Thursday  05.30.2013
Lee B.Stark Logistics
Homosassa,  Florida  352-422-4119  

I am owner and operator been driving for 2 years no accidents or tickets always on time an dovetail flatbed. hotshot

Wednesday  05.29.2013
Jondle Enterprises
Manson,  Iowa  515-269-9028  

F550 truck with 32ft gooseneck with ramps have been in trucking for 15years with seven over the road trucks. deck

Sunday  05.26.2013
Twist Logistics
Milton,  Wisconsin  608-295-6823  

Stepdeck owner operators needed for an overage of both LTL and Full truckloads.
Loads travel throughout the US. Please call if interested in assisting moving freight.

Sunday  05.26.2013
Light Duty Services, Llc
Dickinson,  North Dakota  605-641-1383  

Light Duty Services delivers fast, safe, reliable hauls. Located in the south Williston basin. excellent safety rating. Available 24/7 Owner operators, so we can keep the shipping costs low. We have the lowest rates in the region. Licensed for western and southern states.
FULLY INSURED, 1TON 40ft dovetail $95per hr. with a FULLY INSURED Colorado with 6/7ft work bed for the small hot loads.$55per hr. All rates are converted to miles on the long hauls. Remember slow down, think, be safe out there. Call Dave for more info @ 605-641-1383.

Saturday  05.25.2013
BLOOMINGDALE  Georgia  9124148827  

WE are THE independent dispatching service for small fleets and true owner ops. we keep you loaded. drivers for drivers. let us book your freight today.

Friday  05.24.2013
KRG Logistics Services
Freeport,  Minnesota  855.553.4674 ext. 116  

We are a full service logistics company that specializes in handling smaller trucking companies and independent owner operators.
We find your freight through our database of over 10,000 direct shippers or through our network of the best paying brokers out there.

KRG Logistics provides a premium dispatching service that will do it all, i.e., handle on road emergencies, weather watch, traffic watch, all paperwork and best of all we keep your trucks moving!

 kleinresourcesgroup.comThursday  05.23.2013
Primal Transportation & Equipment Inc.
Alexander,  North Dakota  701-828-3213  

Hotshot Services and Equipment Sales.

Owner operated and serving customers from Williston basin and the lower 48 under our own authority. Reputation is everything to us. Fair, reliable and punctual transportation for all your light duty freight hauling needs (26,000 G.V.CW.) and less. Rates may differ depending on costs. We're powered by 2012 DodgeRam 3500 Flatbed intow a 40' from header board to licence plate 25GN Big Tex Goosneck flatbed.

We also offer real world prices on all New and used equipment.. Everything from Vermeer trenchers, Ingersolrand tow behind diesel air compressors, Lightplants, Generators, neumatic tools, Excavation and Road construction equipment. As well as most all outdoor Electrical Lineman tools and equipment. All equipment has been operated, tested, inspected, sorted out and is fit for work. Our personel have osha 10, Hess, H2S, Oxi and Conoco endorsements as well as worthy oilfield experience and common sense.

Wednesday  05.22.2013
JL Hotshot Express
Paradise,  Texas  940-389-2123  

Fully insured 1ton truck 40' trailer, 25' trailer '16' trailer
24/7 by the hour or by the mile call for more info. hotshot

Tuesday  05.21.2013
Global Hot Shot LLC
Reno,  Nevada  775-530-6800  

Great rates! Based in Reno, NV. Rural, snow, dirt roads...we love a challenge. We'll move anything - just an envelope, or 10,000 pounds, anytime, anywhere - 24' flatbed, 26' box truck, car haulers, air lift. hotshot

 www.globalhotshot.comTuesday  05.21.2013
McClenton Transport
Hope,  Arkansas  870 826 4416  

I have a 09 f350 with a 40ft gooseneck. hotshot

 naMonday  05.20.2013
T & D Transport Services
Monroe,  Georgia  678-425-4911  

4500 Chevrolet with 25 ft flatbed trailer ready to work hotshot

Sunday  05.19.2013
SpyderR Express
Pettus,  Texas  361-319-5464  

F450 Super Duty 4x4 - 40foot goosneck with ramps. Big Small i haul it all. Pipe, backhoe, small dozer, aint skeerd to get my truck dirty. hotshot

Sunday  05.19.2013
Watford Hotshot services LLC
Watford City,  North Dakota  701-651-4595  

Ton pickup and 40' Gooseneck trailer. $115/HR or $2.50 long run. hotshot

Saturday  05.18.2013
Stew trucking
Watson,  Louisiana  225-620-2712  

I a 2012 dodge ram 3500 I pull anything anywhere class A CDL twic haz-mat. hotshot

Wednesday  05.15.2013
KW Transport
Sugar Run,  Pennsylvania  570-721-3436  

HotShot Services available

Dodge Ram 5500 w/ 11ft aluminum flat bed. 40ft gooseneck flatbed trailer available with dove tail ramps.

Fully insured with 1,000,000 liability. Dependable and guaranteed delivery.

Clean driving record with Safe land safety certificate for on site gas service. 20 years Class A driving experience.

We are compliant with USDOT, PUC, and IFTA

Safety and reliability are our goal!

Wednesday  05.15.2013
TLO Logistics
Brownsville,  Texas  956-561-3230  

We are located at the port of Brownsville and have flatbeds going/coming from Mexico. We freight forward oil drilling supplies and "plastic pellets" & "frac sand" in tankers as well. hotshot

Tuesday  05.14.2013
Warr Transportation
Mandeville,  Louisiana  601-590-1264  

* new Hot Shot Company, But Been In driving for 40+ yrs
* Dodge 3500 Pickup hotshot
* 40'Gooseneck Trailer 2 10,000 pound axles willing to haul whatever u want.

Tuesday  05.14.2013
Major J Oilfield Services Inc.
Dawson Creek,  British Col.  250-467-2058  

Hot Shot Services available Northern BC and Northern Alberta.
Also have access to Heavy Haul Trucks and Cranes up to 45 Ton.

Sunday  05.12.2013
Monster Trucking, LLC
Williston,  North Dakota  701-317-5726  

24 Hour Hotshot Carrier specializing in Oilfield services hauling items such as tubing, rods, well parts, tools, BOP trailers, Pipe Wrangler Trailers, ect. We have 1 Ton dually pickups and 40' gooseneck trailers with 12,000 lbs dual axles. We have trailers with winch systems for hauling base beams at a reduced rate compared to winch trucks and we can load vehicle's that wont run. If it can be hauled we will figure out a way to do it and save you MONEY!
All of our drivers are OSHA 10, H2S and CPR certified.

Drivers are disciplined, hard working and possess professional attributes and are all Veterans of the Armed Forces

We pride ourselves in hard work and professionalism while guaranteeing safe delivery of your load at competitive pricing.

We specialize in Oilfield Services, however we can meet your hotshot needs outside the oilfield as well.

Give us and we will meet your needs.


 www.monstertruckingnd.comSunday  05.12.2013
VanHuis Ent/Basser Hotshotting
Alexandria,  Louisiana  318 446 1827  

Pilot Car services along with Hotshotting /Tundra SR5 IFORCE and Dodge 1500 with 16' trailer. One Million Dollar GL insured and ready to do business

Sunday  05.12.2013
Davis Logistics, LLC.
McAllen,  Texas  (956) 739-1177  

Davis Logistics, LLC, a Transportation Management Company. We look forward to providing the resources necessary to support your supply/inventory chain requirements. Our Customers trust us to handle their freight in a timely, cost effective and well managed manner.Davis Logistics, LLC is a sister company to Davis Transport, Inc., an expert in flatbed transportation since 1960. Davis Transport has a well-maintained Independent Contractor fleet of tractor-trailer combinations. This additional pool of available equipment provides for a higher freight acceptance level and greater customer satisfaction. Our Marketing Departments and Dispatch Staff work closely together to ensure a seamless and efficient operation.
Whether Truckload or LTL, long haul or regional, Davis Logistics can provide your company with a wide variety of equipment and services custom tailored to meet your transportation needs.

Saturday  05.11.2013
Horner's Express Courier
Jackson,  Tennessee  731-267-5821  

We have a van to make over night deliveries. We carry anything small to medium size. We guaranty a safe deliver. hotshot

Friday  05.10.2013
C.W.R. HotShot Services
Anderson,  Texas  936-870-4217  

Serving local businesses and oilfield service companies. US DOT compliant and insured. hotshot

Wednesday  05.08.2013
Action Hot Shot Service LLC
Gillette,  Wyoming  307-257-0320  

We are a 24hr Hot Shot carrier specializing in hauling oilfield tools and equipment up to 18,500 lbs for a GVWR of 36,500.

We have a ford f350 dually pulling a new 35ft goose neck trailer w/ dove tail and ramps.

We also run a standard pickup w/ smaller flat bed trailer.
We are owner/operators and safety is our top priority. We follow all D.O.T. regulations and have a perfect safety record.

We are fully insured and licensed and have apportioned plates for many states including WY, SD, ND, MT, UT, NM, AZ, TX, OK, NE, CO, KS, NV, ID.

Our equipment is new and well maintained and we carry all required safety equipment. Our rates are available by phone 307-257-0320. As owners/drivers we carry up to date medical cards and have several years safety training including CPR and first aid.

We will be getting our OSHA and H2s certifications when the classes are available and will update our profile at that time.I have 20 years oilfield hauling experience and take pride in our job.

Tuesday  05.07.2013
Hill Rat Hotshot
San Angelo,  Texas  325-650-7553  

We are a licensed professional hotshot carrier. We have one truck and trailer that is 30ft and can haul up to 14,000 pounds on trailer.

Tuesday  05.07.2013
Tcourier Service Inc
Gray,  Tennessee  423-833-5599  

Have Freight/Will Deliver 24/7 Anytime/Anywhere
We carry 100,000 cargo, 2,000,000 liability insurance, 50,000 Bond hotshot

 tcourierservice.comMonday  05.06.2013
Angelo express delivery arc
San Angelo,  Texas  325-450-8291  

We are a 4 year old hot shot company . We have mainly ship from San Angelo, Texas. We have shipped medi helicopter parts to Tx, NM, AZ, and we will ship any
Small packages.
We are now looking for companies through Out Texas to pick up medi helicopter parts at various locations in Texas and take them to another med one location.

Sunday  05.05.2013
Direct Line Transportation
Centennial,  Colorado  303) 593-2627  

We are an asset based 3PL brokerage company looking for agents from all over the U.S. to join our brand new company to help us expand.

~We have a data base of 1,000 trucks.
~We also have in-house freight available for all our brokers.
~Including a full support staff for customer set-ups.
~A great team concept.
~Also an asset base brokerage

~~Do you need help finding freight because we do that too?~~

when calling, ask for Louis

 www.directlinetransportation.comThursday  05.02.2013
Big Dipper hauling
Tifton,  Georgia  229-457-1905  

I am a hotshot based out of tifton ga. I am authorized for hire to cross state lines and in full compliance with FMCSA us dot# 2393515.

I am currently running a ford f250 pulling a 32ft 10 ton flatbed.

Dean Baker owner operator (Big Dipper Hauling)

Wednesday  05.01.2013
Smoke Transport Inc.
Riverton,  Utah  801-310-7595  

25' gooseneck HotShot Load up to 22000

Wednesday  05.01.2013
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