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D & K Hotshot, LLC
Lake View,  Alabama  (205) 445-3824  

2015 Chevrolet 2500 HD Silverado with 24' trailer. Load capacity, up to 12,000 lbs.
hot shot
1998 Chevrolet (engine/tranny overhauled) 1500 Silverado with 18' trailer. Load capacity up to 10,000 lbs.

Ready for your calls - CDL & DOT authorized drivers. Straps & tarps available.

Friday  08.21.2020
Dallas,  Texas  214-837-0916  

Independent Contractor, Truck and Trailer 18ft and 18ft Car hauler 2012

Friday  08.14.2020
Memphis,  Tennessee  901-212-9996  

We deliver courier packages and assist companies in locating carriers for emergency hot shot delivery services.

 udropp.comWednesday  08.12.2020
Witt Transport
Monroe,  Iowa  515-326-4165  

Affordable and Reliable shipping services!!

Specialists in hauling TV, UTV, RV, Motorcycles and Farm Equipment

 bjdcwitt.wixsite.com/witttransportSaturday  08.08.2020
In Between The Lines Trucking LLC
Rio Rancho,  New Mexico  361-876-1806  

Hot Shot transporter for general freight, equipment, moving/transporting 5th Wheels, Gooseneck, and Tag Along trailers. Fully licensed to transport interstate and into Canada.

 Inbetweenthelinestrucking.comThursday  08.06.2020
NATS Canada
Mississauga,  Ontario  905.566.9890  

At NATS Canada, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as industry leaders in providing comprehensive shipping and hauling services. We combine our extensive supply-chain management knowledge and expertise with a passion for an exceptional customer service experience that means that no matter what your shipping needs, whether domestic, US-Canada or trans-border, we will mobilize our wealth of resources to provide the ideal transportation solution.
hot shot stepdeck
Throughout the years, we have proudly cultivated reputation and loyal client base that depends on reliability, professionalism and overall commitment to exceeding expectations. Meanwhile, the multiple corporate partnerships that we have build-up and nurtured means that we are fully committed to using our resources to get each and every client the best rate and the best value. We specialize in providing LTL, FTL and heavy haul flatbed services, LTL and FTL dry van solutions as well as access to rail, overseas and air transport solutions.

 www.natscanada.com/Tuesday  08.04.2020
F & J Logistics LLC
Clarksville,  Tennessee  931-999-2272  

We are a broker that can handle any shipping needs you may have no matter how small or big.
step deck
We currently have a need for 53' flatbeds out of the Hopkinsville KY area.

Contact us if you have any equipment available in this area.

Thursday  07.30.2020
Infinity Plus Freight Solutions
Kennesaw,  Georgia  470-420-8976  

Dispatching Owner Operators.... Dedicated to finding you the best paying loads. Reefers, Dry Vans, Flatbed, Hotshot, RGN and Step Decks.

Our Dispatchers work for you!!!! Concentrate on the roads and We concentrate on the loads!!!

Let's be a team. We keep your trucks moving.

Feel free to give us a call 470-420-8976

 www.infinityplusfreightsolutions.comWednesday  07.29.2020
Infinity Plus Freight Solutions
Kennesaw,  Georgia  470-420-8976  

Dispatch service for Hot Shots, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Reefers and Power Only.

We work hard finding freight so you don't have too. We find the freight and you do the driving.

Give us a call 470-420-8976

 www.infinityplusfreightsolutions.comTuesday  07.28.2020
Titan Sunrooms
Gulf Breeze,  Florida  850-733-7445  

Titan Sunrooms, located in Gulf Breeze, Florida, specializes in the manufacturing & installation of sunrooms, screen rooms, patio covers, and patio enclosure products.hot shot

 titansunrooms.comMonday  07.27.2020
JCM Logistics
Kissimmee,  Florida  321-300-4996  

Central Florida Company with over 35 yrs experience combined, 1 ton trucks with 40' Air ride Hydraulic Tail trailer.
hot shot
We specialize in Aerospace, Boats, Oversize, Campers, Machinery, Lifted trucks, Plastics, High Value items and sensitive cargo which requires minimal vibration.

 www.jcmlogisticsgroup.comSunday  07.26.2020
Zepley Dispatch
Litchfield,  Illinois  628-291-4869  



All trips.. round trip

Sunday  07.19.2020
DMP Trucking. LLC
Charlotte,  North Carolina  704-296-7644  

Dodge Ram 3500 flatbed with 40ft gooseneck trailer. hot shot

Saturday  07.18.2020
Driven Purpose Outfitting LLC
Bethany,  Missouri  660-373-1706  

I am a dealer for Redneck blinds I will be needing them picked up from Lamar mo. hot shot

Friday  07.17.2020
The Zepley Group
Dallas\Fort Worth  Texas  (682) 291-4869  

Zepley Dispatch
Zepley Logistics

Dispatching for owner operators. Dedicated round trip lanes for teams and solos. Reefer, Dry Van, Hopper

Friday  07.17.2020
United Dispatch
Cedar Rapids,  Iowa  800-428-9272  

United Dispatch - Your Logistics Provider, We arrange Shipments of General commodities into or out of manufacturing facilities throughout the US and Canada.
hot shot
Customer service does not end at 5pm, & for that reason, our customers contact us to alleviate them of the many details required to operate a 24/7 operation.

We take care of everything, and make certain all the Important details are completed, No surprises, simply put - We do what we say, and have been for over 35 years.

 www.UnitedDispatch.comWednesday  07.15.2020
Polar Bear Loads LLC
Cape Coral,  Florida  972-296-4277  

Polar Bear Loads LLC VOTED #1, Hot Shot Masters
hot shot hotshot
We are the first dispatch service in the USA Open 10 years YOU WANT EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING YOUR FAMILY FED.

We are looking for Owner Operators who have their Own Authority and need Loads consistently and are serious over the road drivers. We will keep your company on the move and in the money at every moment possible. You want experience on your side.
Weigh the odds:

1. Per hour dispatcher $2-$3,00 per week for you. That charges extra to submit your paperwork.

2. One that works on commission. $6-$9,000 per week for you with no extra charges?
Easy answer

Our average money with loads is $6,000--$10,000 (PER WEEK) (AVERAGE) depending on the route they are on. Current average: $5,600-$9,350 (Per week) This is for 40ft Flatbed Hot Shots
RGN (averages) $14,000-$19,000 (per week)
Out 2 weeks, Home as long as you like.

You are assigned (1) dispatcher, somebody is always on call for breakdown help or motel search or any trucking issue.

We handle the paperwork process for you, we find discount fuel, find repair shop if needed and discounted hotel rates, and much more.


We book loads for the following units:
Hotshot Flatbeds(30ft-53ft)
RGN and Step decks. (ALL 30Ft to 53ft)
Van and Reefer (48ft-53ft)

We don't promise the world but, but we are upfront with you. If you are making pickups, then you are making money. If there is an empty space on trailer there is money to be made and we will load every spot we can.

We have multiple offices throughout the country to serve you throughout the country. It doesn't matter where you live, this does not limit where we find loads. Your assigned dispatcher can help you.

Come join the Polar Bear Loads dispatch service & let us be part of your team.

For more info please call (Recruiting) at 239-673-8228 or 972-296-4277 Candie or you can email (pblcandie@gmail.com ) OR (polarbearloads@gmail.com)

*My husband drove for 24 yrs. and has over 3 million miles behind him all as an O/OP. He also drove the Alaskan Ice Roads. We know what it takes to succeed.

Very easy and no hidden fees. What we do is in writing.

Monday  07.13.2020
Houston  Texas  800.659.9106  

Attention Owner Operators, Get 50% off of your 1st Weeks Invoice When You Sign Up For Truck Dispatcher Services.

Let Us Find Loads For You. We Will Keep Your Trucks Loaded, Moving and Profitable.
You Only Pay When We Find a Load For Your Truck.

We Service All Trailers and We Specialize in Moving Box Trucks, Sprinter Vans and HotShots.
We Care About Your Bottom Line.

 www.dispatchmytrucks.comWednesday  07.08.2020
Fortunate One Hotshot Services
San Antonio,  Texas  210-264-7262  

40' flatbed w/ramps and can load 16k. hot shot - hotshot

Wednesday  07.08.2020
98 Auto Salvage LLC
Florence,  Mississippi  601-227-5246  

1 ton truck and 40" ft trailer. With CDL license. hot shot - hotshot

Tuesday  07.07.2020
MGA International
Cincinnati,  Ohio  844-334-0039  

MGA International Logistics is a Toronto-based trucking company that offers trucking, transportation, and logistics services.
hot shot step deck
We are well equipped to fulfill all your trucking, freight logistics & transportation needs with 100% safe delivery.

For More details please visit our website.

 www.mgainternational.com/Monday  07.06.2020
Thomason Transport LLC
Willow Spring,  North Carolina  919-793-5676  

I have a GMC sierra 3500hd dually and 40ft Gatormade trailer with ramps.

Will haul anything up to 15000 lbs


Saturday  07.04.2020
Blackburn Transporters
La Fayette,  Georgia  606-899-1904  

Currently have 4 Class A driver positions available.
hot shot
Please email resume, verifiable references to:

We will contact you as soon as you send the requested info!!

Friday  07.03.2020
Prolific Dispatching Services LLC
Houston,  Texas  832-422-7596  

40 ft. H/S 18,700 lbs. hot shot
2/40 ft. H/S 20,000 lbs.
40 ft. H/S 18,000 lbs.
28 ft. H/S 5,500 lbs.
2/53 ft. Dry/Van 45,000 lbs.
24 ft. Box Truck 10,000

Thursday  07.02.2020
Northern Kentucky Business Delivery Services
Union,  Kentucky  859-534-2280  

small LTL transport company/carrier in the Northern Kentucky area..
hot shot
I currently have a 20' flat deck, a 16' utility trailer and may soon buy a 28' flatbed truck and a 30' gooseneck trailer as my business grows..

 www.nkbds.comWednesday  07.01.2020
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